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Steele Law Office in Clarksburg offers an extensive range of legal services for plaintiffs and defendants in the private and commercial sector. We have the training, skills, and experience to have successfully litigated and/or mediated hundreds of cases involving an extensive array of civil torts.

DUI Wrecks, Wrongful Death, Negligence, Injuries, and Earth Movement

Prompt, Cost Effective Mediation and Successful Trial Litigation

Our services include both mediation and litigation by trial. If you are facing a dilemma which may eventually require your case to be heard in front of a judge or jury, contact us. We have over five decades of collective experience assisting our clients with resolving conflicts in a prompt, cost-effective manner outside of the formal judicial system. However, we approach each case as if it may progress to trial and prepare accordingly. Our primary focus is on trial work. Attorneys Tom and Chuck Steele understand the importance of a successful outcome for your legal matter and do not lose focus of the value of delivering the optimal resolution for you.

Personalized Strategies Based on Facts and Legal Precedents

Our goal is to fully understand all of the facts and the scope of your legal matter. We work directly with you on a personal basis to develop an effective strategy based on sound legal precedent to manage the outcome as effectively as possible. If an area has not been addressed by a high court, we will work to set a precedent based on a solid understanding of the intent of state and federal law. Steele Law is committed to working to achieve closure for our clients and will stay by your side to answer your pressing questions, and follow through with appeals, as necessary, to secure justice on your behalf.

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