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Steele Law Office Represents Plaintiffs and Defendants
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The attorneys of Steele Law Office represent both plaintiffs and defendants in West Virginia.

Steele Law Office serves residents and commercial entities as both plaintiffs and defendants throughout West Virginia. We handle a wide range of cases involving complex insurance matters. Our legal team is dedicated to providing world-class legal counsel and the most effective results for every client.

Our Clientele

Our law firm is privileged to have worked with some of the most reputable commercial and national insurance carriers who do business in West Virginia. We are driven to resolve your case, whether by settlement or trial. A lawsuit which lingers without resolution is no good for anyone involved.

We have done work for or at the request of the following representative clients:

  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • GEICO Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Insurance Company
  • Encompass Insurance Company
  • Scottsdale Insurance Company
  • WV Sports Promotions

Effective Legal Representation for Citizens and Corporations

Whether you are a local citizen or represent a multinational corporation, Steele Law Office will provide you with the effective legal representation that you deserve. Contact us before it is too late. We are here to guide you through matters of conflict with the confidence and knowledge necessary to help make the best decisions for you, your company, and all relevant aspects of your life. Law can be complicated; however, locating exceptional legal representation does not have to be complicated. You have discovered the region’s trusted legal team that has been providing the results that can only be produced as a result of more than 55 years of combined experience. Contact us now and let us help!

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