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Steele Law Office offers dedicated legal counsel and representation for individuals and commercial entities that have suffered property damage in West Virginia. With over 55 years of combined experience, attorneys Tom and Chuck Steele are highly motivated to providing reliable, personalized service to secure full compensation for your damages. When you retain us, you will be represented by attorneys with a thorough understanding of the applicable law to ensure that you will be treated fairly and get the best possible results for your lawsuit.

WV Earth Movement Lawsuit for Mine Subsidence, Landslides, and Rockfalls

Has your property been damaged as a result of a landslide, earthquake, mudslide, shock wave, rockfall, improper excavation, sinkhole, water diversion, mine subsidence, or other cause due to the negligence or careless activities of another? While earth movement is specifically excluded in many personal and commercial insurance policies, any contractor, engineering firm, mining, fracking, or other type of entity found to be at-fault may be found liable to pay for the damages to your property, regardless of insurance coverage. Steele Law aggressively pursues mediation, as well as lawsuits, on behalf of our clients whose property has been damaged by direct and indirect earth movement caused by negligent or reckless acts.

Structural Failure Lawsuits for Residential and Commercial Properties

Residential and commercial properties may suffer structural failure for a variety of reasons, such as construction defects, contractor errors, defective building materials, engineering mistakes, etc. The failure may occur immediately, or may not become apparent for many years. Steele Law Office holds negligent and incompetent parties fully accountable for their role in the structural failure of your property. Our experts investigate the failure, determine the cause, and assist with establishing liability for your loss. We have established an exceptional record of pursuing successful lawsuits against all parties found to be at-fault for the structural failures of our clients’ property throughout West Virginia.

Large Property Subrogation Recovery Attorney Serving West Virginia

Has your insured suffered a catastrophic property loss such as a fire in a manufacturing plant, warehouse, residential housing complex, or lumber mill? Was the property subjected to an explosion, toxic contamination, or other large-scale disaster? Steele Law Office has extensive experience successfully handling the largest property subrogation cases for our insurance carriers throughout West Virginia to enable our clients to recover damages from liable third parties. Our experts respond immediately to gather evidence, conduct investigations, and coordinate with us to prepare the strongest possible case via the most aggressive and proactive tactics possible. Give us your faith and we will give your our time, dedication, extensive legal analysis, and hard work to enable you to collect reimbursement for financial damages owed by the at-fault party.

If your property or the property of your insured has been damaged, contact our law firm immediately at: (304) 624-4004. We handle the toughest and most challenging cases that other law firms refuse to touch. Typically, the initial consultation is free for most cases.

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