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Steele Law Office provides effective neutral mediation services for individuals and businesses in Clarksburg, and throughout West Virginia. Dispute resolution through mediation is the optimal first step for settling legal matters when the parties involved wish to work out issues in the least stressful and most cost-effective manner without resorting to long drawn-out court battles. Mediation grants each party the opportunity to express his or her position, while working together to compromise under competent legal guidance to achieve the fairest resolution for all involved.

Contract, Mass Torts, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death & Dispute Resolution

Steele Law Office specializes in professional mediation services for fair resolutions to conflicts in West Virginia.

Our attorneys are members of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals and have been trusted by hundreds of clients to adhere to the most stringent practice criteria, ensuring a greater level of satisfaction with the outcomes of their cases. Some of the most common matters that we handle via mediation include:

Breach of Contract: Failure to perform some or all parts of a contract, in absence of a valid, legal excuse

Mass Torts: Procedural actions taken on behalf of a large group of plaintiffs who have suffered harm or damages at the hands of a common defendant. Unlike class actions, each plaintiff’s case is handled on an individual basis.

Personal Injury: If you have reached a stalemate in your personal injury case, or would prefer to avoid the time, stress, and costs involved with moving your case to court, we can help. As a neutral party offering the benefit of confidentiality, we guide you and the other party to reach an agreement that is fair for all. If mediation efforts fail, you may still pursue a lawsuit.

Wrongful Death: The loss of a loved one is devastating. Mediation enables you to meet face-to-face with the insurance adjuster to express how the loss of your loved one has impacted your life on a personal level, as well as provide direct evidence of damages.

Business Disputes: Conflicts are common in the commercial world. Resolution in the legal system is costly and takes time and attention away from your ability to operate your business. Whether you need to dissolve a partnership, address a contract dispute, handle labor issues, or any other business-related matters; efficient, cost-effective mediation can help.

Successful Arbitration Guidance for Civil Disputes

Attorneys Tom and Chuck Steele have over 55 years of combined experience offering successful arbitration for all types of civil disputes. Our expertise in mediation has enabled us to assist other professionals at the West Virginia State Bar regarding the most effective mediation methods and strategies to help clients achieve closure and justice according to state and federal laws. In lieu of placing cases in front of a justice to determine the outcome of the matter, our clients are educated regarding the applicable legal status of their position and provided the opportunity to compromise directly regarding the dispute under professional mediation guidance. Our mediation clients are typically much more satisfied with the outcome of their conflict resolution than those who leave all of the decisions regarding their case to a judge or jury, whose verdicts (although sound) may be impractical due to incomplete knowledge of all aspects of the case.

Mutually Agreeable Legal Resolution at a Fraction of Litigation Costs

Operating in a neutral forum, provides most individuals and businesses with an opportunity to come to a mutually agreeable resolution of their dispute. The parties have the ability to participate in the outcome, and can avoid the future costs and uncertainty associated with litigation. Put our extensive mediation experience to work for you.

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