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Steele Law Office specializes in Insurance Defense and Mediation in West Virginia.

Many well-known insurance companies hire Steele Law Office for guidance. We have significant experience in the realm of insurance law. We handle virtually all types of claims or lawsuits that our insurance clients or their insureds may encounter with meticulous attention to detail and the most aggressive stance allowed by law.

Defending the Interests of Insurance Companies and Their Policyholders

We know what is at stake in litigation. Whether you retain us represent your company and/or policyholders against a lawsuit, Steele Law will work to protect your assets and remain available to you to provide updates, reports, and answers regarding the progress of each case.

Insurance Defense: Injury and Property Damage, Bad Faith, and Liability

Steele Law Office operates on the basis of mutual trust between our law firm and your insurance business. We are proud to maintain a strong, personal relationship with each client and consider ourselves part of your team. Our firm takes the time to understand and consider the business processes that drive your operations when handling legal matters on your behalf.

  • Insurance Company Defense
  • Insurance Company Mediation
  • Property Damage and Loss Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Torts
  • Liability
  • Accidents
  • Settlement Negotiation
  • Litigation and Lawsuits
  • Disputes
  • Large Property Subrogation Recovery
  • Employment and Labor Claims
  • Discrimination Allegations
  • Insurance Bad Faith and Fraud Charges
  • Representation of Policyholders

Superior Strategic Legal Knowledge and Capability

The attorneys of Steele Law Office have over 55 years of combined experience as excellent litigators with the legal knowledge, experience, and superior strategic capabilities necessary to win our cases. We specifically restrict our caseloads to ensure that each client receives exceptional, personalized attention. Steele Law Office offers policy reviews, insurance coverage rights consultations, and guidance throughout the entire claims process, in addition to handling all of your legal needs. When the outcome of the case is critical, contact Steele Law Office for a prompt response: (304) 624-4004.

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